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Please read the entire Disclaimer/Usage Policy as use of the product implies agreement with this policy.


                             Disclaimer/Usage Policy

It is important that we clarify some items about using this product.

The One World Digital Solutions® Media Center (based on KODI® technology) has been configured in a generic manner and DO NOT host or distribute any content.

We have used several publicly available linking programs in the setup.

One World Digital Solutions® Media Centre (based on KODI® technology) links directly to websites and also to "aggregator" sites.

Aggregators in turn links elsewhere for "content" while websites host their own. 

We have included many educational and informative links on the website in the What is KODI® sections of our website and in our custom user guide. We have also included video tutorial links in the setup.

To our knowledge, websites directly linked to are encouraging visitors and have full rights to their hosted content.

Some aggregators may link to materials copyrighted in the Americas and Oceania Areas.

The same aggregators also link to non-copyrighted and other materials that the public is allowed to use.

All of these links can be linked to with a simple internet browser, which is a mandatory feature of this product.

This, combined with the dynamic nature of the internet, of laws dealing with it and of linking itself makes it impractical for us to determine what content you may or may not view.

You should be aware of your local copyright laws.

As such, we take the position that we will not discriminate against any particular linking aggregator in KODI® or any other app that is on the machine.


We DO NOT condone copyright infringement in any manner.

We believe artists and copyright holders deserve credit and income for their work.

We also believe that people are responsible for their own choices and actions.

By providing you with links to aggregators within KODI®, we are not encouraging you to breach any law.

We have prepared a generic product for international distribution.

We could not possibly maintain an accurate list of links to copyrighted materials and cannot block them.

You can change the settings of the product, or of KODI® and its aggregators, should you desire to do so.

We have no choice but to leave it to the copyright holders to exercise their rights and have offending content removed from internet sites where they believe it is being hosted improperly.

They have rights and the methods available to them to enforce their rights.

Above and beyond this, we have to trust in your good judgment. 


The act of providing links is not against the law in New Zealand or North America, where our primary locations currently reside.

One World Digital Solutions® does not host any content of any kind, legal or otherwise, for use on the device.

We are in not affiliated with Google, Xbox, KOD®I, the aggregators, nor the websites they link too.

We provide no warrantees, expressed or implied, regarding the functionality of any individual program or application, including KODI®, its aggregators, links, linking services or the websites and content they link to.

This device may also be used to view adult, indecent, defamatory or illegal images, content or websites.  This is true of any computing product that provides programs to access the internet.

We sincerely hope that it is never used in this manner!!! We do not condone this type of use!!!

Once again, we have no control over this. The user assumes responsibility for the use of the device.

Please use this device responsibly and in a manner consistent with the laws of your area.

If you have concerns about others using the device, please use the built in locking mechanisms.


The owners, developers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, staff and anyone associated with One World Digital Solutions® will not be liable for circumstances resulting from the use of the device by the user of the device. The user of the device assumes full responsibility for its use.

Use of the device constitutes agreement with this policy and absolves all owners, developers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, staff and any other associates of One World Digital Solutions® whether persons or corporations, direct or indirect affiliates, assigns, or heirs, of all liabilities, fiduciary or otherwise, associated with the use of the device.


If you disagree with this policy, please return the device to the place of purchase prior to using it. As this notice says "ReadMe First", your use of the device to read our policy is not considered use for the purpose of the policy. If you elect to use the device without reading the policy, you are considered to be in agreement with the policy.

We DO NOT charge for Kodi® and we have a whole section on our website dedicated to Kodi® which is a FREE and open source program. Please see for details or the Kodi® section of our website.


Thank you for taking the time to read our description of the device and disclaimer/usage policy.

Thank you for purchasing an Android® powered custom box from One World Digital Solutions®.

We sincerely hope you enjoy it for many years to come.



Chris Marshall (Owner)

One World Digital Solutions®-

“Welcome To The Future Of Home Entertainment.”

One World Digital Solutions® Legal Terms And Conditions:

Welcome to the One World Digital Solutions® website. (Distributor of a personal digital media receiver that allow you to access and view FREE CONTENT AVAILABLE OVER THE INTERNET.)

Please read this notice and disclaimer carefully before using this website or buying this equipment. By using this website (or any part of it) you will signify that you have read this notice and disclaimer and that you irrevocably and unconditionally accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in this notice and disclaimer.


One World Digital Solutions® is selling you a personal digital media receiver, so you can: • Sync or stream video, photos, music or other digital content. • Connects to the internet and local networks through a WI-FI connection • Own your equipment to access free content from any countries in any languages as long as it’s available at no charge over the internet. • Take advantage of the latest technology in multimedia entertainment center and enjoy extra features that enhance your viewing pleasure.


GENERAL PRODUCT WARRANTY your new One World Digital Solutions® HD Streaming Device is fully covered for any damages that the unit may have suffered during transportation. Our units are individually verified before shipping for quality insurance.

If your personal HD Streaming Device unit does not function properly upon arrival, please contact us at


Please note that at One World Digital Solutions® 

your unit is entirely covered as you receive it against any manufacturer or software issues. If the new unit you just receiveD does not work properly due to a hardware default, One World Digital Solutions® will gladly replace this unit with another one.


Your unit after the first 30 days is also covered with an extended Manufacturer warranty one year warranty that covers parts and workmanship as long as the unit was not opened or tempered with. If the unit had been tempered with or was damaged due to the owner mishandling or lack of proper care, the warranty will be considered null and void. Return shipping will be at the owners expense for warranty after the 30 day period.


PRODUCT DELIVERY POLICY One World Digital Solutions®

will deliver the unit to the client in proper time according to product availability and time of the year (Christmas being a busy period for production and delivery). The usual delivery period delay varies between 7 to 15 working days.

If the product is not delivered to the client by the company or is lost due to the carrier mishandling of the package within 30 days for any reasons, the company reserve the right to reimburse the client fully without any other explanations.



GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Products and services described in this website are available to all persons in all geographic locations as long as it’s not prescribed or prohibited by national, federal, state or local laws. Only persons who are permitted by applicable law may browse the information and/or accept the services and product offered on this website. Persons accessing these pages are required to ensure that they are aware of and observe all relevant restrictions that apply to them and are responsible for satisfying themselves that they may do so under the laws or the jurisdiction from which access is obtained to this website.


The information contained on this website is for general information only and is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty or any kind and may be changed at any time without prior notice.


All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct and up to date. However, One World Digital Solutions® all implied and/or express warranties and makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information on this website. In particulars,

One World Digital Solutions® takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the content of the website or for anything posted on or linked to it including without limitation any mistake, error, omission, infringement, defamation, falsehood or other material or omission that might offend or otherwise give rise to any claim or complaint.


By accessing and using this website, you acknowledge and accept that the use of the website is at your own risk. We will accept no liability whatsoever for any loss arising directly or indirectly form the use of, or reliance on, any information contained on this website or for the omission of any information relating to the Company.



All trademarks and trade names used on this web to document or refer to either the entities claiming the marks and/or name of their products.  One World Digital Solutions® disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. ONE WORLD DIGITAL SOLUTIONS®

doesn’t pretend or claim any association with any GOOGLE company or any trademarks. If any Brand used in this site wishes One World Digital Solutions® to remove any logo or any mention of any brand, One World Digital Solutions® will remove it without damages or claims within 48 hours upon simple electronic or written mail from the proper owner of the trademark in question.


INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS Communication over the Internet may be subject to interruption, transmission blackout, delayed transmission due to Internet traffic or incorrect data transmission due to the public nature of the Internet or otherwise. One World Digital Solutions®

will not be responsible for any damages incurred by you as a result of any delay, loss, diversion, alteration or corruption of any electronic message either sent to or received from One World Digital Solutions® at your request over the Internet. One World Digital Solutions®

is not responsible in any manner for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of this website


DISCLAIMER One World Digital Solutions® services are provided “as is”, without warranty or conditions of any sort, either express or implied. Without limiting the foregoing, including but not limited to the content. One World Digital Solutions® explicitly disclaims any warranties of merchant ability, for a particular purpose. One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device is not sold with the intention of defrauding any cable company, wherever they are located in any countries in the world, of any legitimate fees that they may have just cause to claim. Any user of HD streaming deviceS understandS and agreeS that watching illegal content such as content prohibited by federal, state, local or national government body is against the law and is not encouraged or supported by One World Digital Solutions®.

Whereas the local or national laws prohibits the viewing or the access to some illegal, premium channels or paid content, the user or/and the owner of the equipment recognize that he fully understand and agreed that he must pay the require fees or membership payment to the proper companies that provide the services. It is your responsibility to notify providers like HULU, HBO, Netflix or others that you like to view their channels and pay them for any services that you may want to watch using your personal HD streaming device. One World Digital Solutions makes no claim that you can access any channels at all time, it all depend on the availability of the desired programs and channels.  

One World Digital Solutions® gives no warranty implicit or explicit that the services will meet your requirements or be available on an uninterrupted, secure, or error-free basis as it depend on external factors such as internet connection, signal stability, content offered or any other external factors that One World Digital Solutions® cannot and don’t pretend to control.

The One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device is sold as a personal digital media receiver so the user understand that he is personally and solely responsible for any copyright infringement or the viewing or access to any content legal or illegal that he may decide to watch or record at his own risk without involving One World Digital Solutions® responsibility at any moment.

One World Digital Solutions® cannot be kept responsible for any content, information or services that might be viewed, used or acquired thru the use of any HD streaming device equipment. One World Digital Solutions® is responsible for the physical equipment. The user understand that the HD streaming devices is solely made for personal use and the user is totally responsible for the usage and access that he makes using his personal device.

One World Digital Solutions® reserves the right but undertakes no duty to review or edit or otherwise change this website and any information contained on this website at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

One World Digital Solutions® cannot be kept responsible for any information that may or may not be contained in this site that would become irrelevant, false or even misleading in essence.

If any user or visitor finds any information’s that may be non-relevant or non-accurate he may contact the administrator or the webmaster of One World Digital Solutions® and immediately. One World Digital Solutions will and should have the chance to remedy to the situation and proceed to changes on the site to reflect the new information provided by the interested third party.

*ALL units that are returned for whatever reason are subject to a MINIMUM $25 restocking fee after packaging has been opened

* (NZ CUSTOMERS ARE COVERED UNDER THE NZ CGA AND RESTOCKING FEE DOES NOT APPLY We trade world wide including in nz FOR more info on nz cga visit

* (Australian customerS please visit


*KODI® OR XBMC is a FREE open source Media Center program One World Digital Solutions® does not charge for this program!  We include it for free on all the HD streaming devices  for more information or to download KODI® you can visit or the what is kodi® section of this website.