What are the advantages of streaming TV over Cable or Satellite TV?

First and foremost you’ll get WAY more channels! Including Live International networks, news, sports and children’s channels just to name a few. Also movies and TV series on demand even the latest episodes and seasons from your favorite ongoing series gives you the freedom to watch WHAT you want WHEN you want! Plus customers love the savings they get from their One World Digital Solutions HD streaming device!  

How much money can I save using a One World Digital Solutions HD Streaming Device instead of Cable or Satellite?

The average consumer pays $100/month for satellite or cable TV for an average of 180 channels. With one of our entry level Quad Core machines starting at only $175 US let’s keep it simple and say on average you spend $75-$100 a month on Cable or Satellite. With an entry level unit you will save roughly $1,500 in the first year! Even with the most expensive system you will save roughly around $1000 the first year alonE

why should I add this to or switch from Satellite or Cable TV and start Streaming TV over the internet?

The main 3 reasons are financial issues, a more extensive choice of channels and exclusive on demand content. Saving an average of $700-$1000 a year is a clear incentive for most of our customers. But the extended live International content and choice of FREE internet movies, sports and TV shows is also very attractive!

How many FREE Channels can I access with a Streaming Device?

According to most users, the choice is almost unlimited as there are over 2000 channels that present movies, TV Shows, Sports, News Channels or family and Kids Shows. We won’t even enter the extensive amount of exclusive niche channels you can watch for free over the internet. If you’re into sports, you may like to know that you’ll find international sports live from all over the world to watch on your one world digital solutions® HD Streaming device.

How can I Watch Free Live Sports or on Demand like NFL, UFC, NBA, NHL, Rugby, Cricket and other sports on my one world digital solutions® HD streaming device?

Imagine being able to watch all your favourite International sports from anywhere in the world! Regardless of where you are located if you love rugby, football, cricket, baseball, hockey, basketball, American football, cycling, boxing, tennis, softball, wrestling, mixed martial arts, racquet sports, billiards, skating, skate boarding or professional golfing? No matter what sports you like, with your One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device you can watch basically any sport from anywhere in the world!


How to Watch FREE Movies over the Internet?

You can watch so many movies over the web, with your One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device that you will be blown away!

The available selection of new movies or classic movies is so extensive the list has almost no end. If you’re looking for action, comedy, drama, sports, kids, family or classic, Your One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device will allow to watch them all!

Can my kids watch FREE Cartoon and Kids Shows over the internet with a One World Digital Solutions® HD Streaming Device?

Family Life has never been so easy with a One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device. You won’t get only kids and family entertainment channels but also FREE educational channels from all over the world!

What is the best way to watch FREE TV Shows?

You are ready to watch your favorite TV shows as soon as you connect your One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device to your TV and link into your network via Wi-Fi OR Ethernet like you would your laptop, tablet or gaming device. Once connected you simply run "install build" on our One World Wizard App chanGing the open source kodi® into our one world digital solutions® media center (based on kodi® technology) plus our one world digital solutions® wizard app will even update your machine with one click!!

You will also notice our custom one world digital solutions® custom user face (launcher) allows you to easily choose which additional apps you would like to install. You simply sign into your playstore® account and then click to download and install the additional apps you want!

How to transform a regular or smart TV set into a SUPER smart TV?

the answer to this question is so simple and you don’t need to be a "techy" either!

The majority of the TVs sold during the last 5-10 years have a HDMI port.

(If your TV does not, well you’re in luck because most of our systems have an AV out also!) our One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming devices run a Android® opErarating system which turns any TV into a SUPER smart TV! That will work just like a laptop tablet!

You’ll can enjoy playing great online games and will be able to use Skype, email, Facebook or anything else you can do on your tablet or laptop!

Can I surf the Web on my TV with a One World Digital Solutions HD Streaming Device?

Absolutely, your new One World Digital Solutions® HD streaming device will not only allow you to watch FREE TV and Movies online but also surf the web.

You just open your streaming device hook it up to your TV, connect it to your internet connection and you’re ready to go. You can use Skype, surf the web, do your online banking, read the news or do anything that you could do on your tablet or computer. Surfing the web and watching sports, movies and TV shows

is only a fraction of what you can do using your HD Streaming Device from One World Digital Solutions®

How to order your One World Digital Solutions® HD Streaming Device today?

You can contact me directly at

I can answer ANY questions you may have to figure out which HD streaming device is right for you.

if you know which machine you want already then simply add the machine you would like to purchase to your cart and you’ll be taken to the check out where you’ll be able to pay for your new HD streaming device with any of our numerous secure options.

Once your order is received you will be contacted by us to confirm your order and make sure we have all your correct information for delivery and then we will send you our custom made user guide.


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